Police Officer - Inner London

B Division
Greater London Area
Police Constable (PC)
Full Time

We are recruiting Police Officers. Join us and make a difference.

  • The starting salary for a Police Officer is £24,780. However, for Inner London postings you will also attract allowances increasing your annual salary to £31,686 per annum.
  • You are not currently required to have or earn a degree.
  • You can apply if you have a live application with another Police force.

Join British Transport Police as a new Police Constable and you’ll play a crucial frontline role delivering a professional service in a challenging and demanding environment.

British Transport Police is unique. We are a national police force, working closely with the rail industry to ensure the safety and security of nearly 3 billion passenger journeys and over 100 million tons of freight every year across the rail network throughout Great Britain, including the London Underground. The world in which we work is fast-paced, operationally and commercially demanding, and constantly changing.

Our job is to keep the travelling public and people who work on the railway safe from harm. Our aim is to ensure people get home safe, secure and on time every day. It’s a massive task. And it demands huge amounts of talent and determination to succeed.

What should you expect?

Whoever you are, our Police Officers have to be the best they can without exception. Situations can transform in a split second, so you’ve got to be ready for anything. Whether it’s patrolling, responding to an emergency, investigating criminal activity, gathering intelligence or reassuring members of the public, you’ll need to be highly responsible, visible, and effective.

You’ll maintain order, carry out arrests and work with the industry and communities to combat crime. From serious and organised crimes to graffiti and theft, you’ll be there - wherever and whenever you’re needed.

As one of our Police Officers, you’ll need to relish variety and challenge. A natural communicator, you will be able to build instant rapport with people from all walks of life – whether part of a crowd, stressed or angry. Highly diplomatic and calm under pressure, you’ll make decisions quickly and effectively and never lose your head in a difficult situation.

This isn’t an easy job and the hours can be highly unsocial but there are few other careers that are as interesting and fulfilling. This is a job unlike any other. You will work in mentally, physically and emotionally challenging situations. You will work days and nights; you will have busy shifts, uneventful shifts, exciting shifts, but no two will ever be the same. To gain a better understanding of exactly what it’s like to be a British Transport Police Officer please read the document that describes a typical week in the life of one of ours PCs.

Pay and benefits

  • The basic starting salary is £24,780, rising year-on-year to a maximum of £41,130 per annum after six years.
  • Locations in Inner London only attract a regional allowance to reflect the increased cost of living. These includes: £6,906 for Inner London (£4,338 London Allowance plus £2,568 London Weighting Allowance).
  • Oyster card to use at any time.
  • Voucher and incentive schemes such as cycle-to-work as well as a wide range of high street and online discounts.
  • A highly competitive pension scheme (Career Average Revalued Earnings)
  • 22 days’ holiday (rising to 30 days with service)

Where are we recruiting?

We are looking for Police Officers to take up positions within Inner London. ‘London’ is any Inner London location which includes locations such as Kings Cross, Euston, Clapham Junction and Stratford amongst many others. You cannot specify a particular Inner London location but the posting will be sympathetic to where you live.

It’s really important that you understand you aren’t able to change or transfer your posting throughout the recruitment process or during your two-year probation period for any reason. You should carefully consider the impact of working in a particular location. If you later decide the posting is not suitable for you, your application will be withdrawn and you will need to start the process again at a time when your preferred posting is advertised.

Representing the communities we serve

We want our people to reflect the communities we serve so that we can represent them in the best way possible. As a national force we work closely with people from all kinds of backgrounds every day. At the moment, a fifth of Police Officers in the UK are women and less than one in 10 come from an ethnic minority. We believe we can do better than this and that’s where you come in.

Your cultural experience and background are crucial to us. We welcome applications from people with a wide range of skills and experience and we particularly want to hear from women and black and minority ethnic applicants. We understand that there are many complicated reasons why some people might feel that a career in policing isn’t a realistic option for them but we believe that it is so we will be running workshops to help give you the confidence that there is a place for you with British Transport Police. Please click here to register and find out more.

We want our organisation to be as diverse as the community it serves and welcome applications from everyone. Please be assured that all applications will be judged on their individual merit and no other factors.

Application process and eligibility

Applying is easy; simply click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom left of this page and you will be taken through the process. All applications must be completed online via this method. You must answer all the competency questions asked and any applications where questions are unanswered will be rejected. 

You will not be eligible to apply if:

  • You have been unsuccessful in a previous BTP Police Officer campaign in the last six months.
  • You have ever received a custodial sentence. (Other cautions, convictions, and involvement with the police must be declared during the vetting process but are not necessarily a bar to employment.)
  • You have been declared bankrupt or have a CCJ or unmanaged IVA.
  • You have tattoos of any kind on your face or neck.

If you are unsure about your personal circumstances relating to the above criteria please email RecruitmentTeam@btp.pnn.police.uk so we can clarify for you.

If you currently have an application with another Police Force then we will still accept a new application to this vacancy however you cannot transfer your existing SEARCH assessment score.

The closing date for applications is Friday 2nd October at 11am.

Applications will not be accepted after this time for any reason including technical errors. You are strongly encouraged to submit your application prior to this deadline. You will be informed if you have passed or failed the application form stage of the process.

Help with your application

Do you want to ask an awkward or ‘obvious’ question? Are you unsure whether your personal circumstances are suitable for a career as a PC but don’t know how to talk to us about it? Please email RecruitmentTeam@btp.pnn.police.uk where we will answer your query.

If your question is about an issue of equality or diversity then you can contact our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team at BTP-Diversity@btp.pnn.police.uk where anything you ask us will be in the strictest confidence and will not form part of your application.

Join us on the journey and bring your professionalism, commitment and leadership skills on board.