Experienced Firearms Constables - Home Office ARV Applicants

FHQ, C Division
Specialist Operations, London, Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street
Police Constable (PC)
Full Time

British Transport Police (BTP) is the national police force for the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. Every day we ensure the safety and security of over six million passengers and railway staff.

In response to the increased UK threat level from international terrorism, and to ensure we have the right level of resources to respond to any threat, we are significantly increasing our armed capacity in the Midlands and North West. This is your opportunity to join a modern and forward-thinking force in a highly-trained role as one of our Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) either permanently or on a secondment basis (subject to approval).

Our Authorised Firearms Officers provide the travelling public with a highly visible and reassuring presence, helping to achieve our objective to increase public confidence, whilst also working to detect and deter terrorism on the rail network. Our firearms officers are trained to the same national Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) profile used across all UK police forces, and are able to provide a swift and capable response to live incidents and emerging threats.

Please see the attached Candidate Information Pack for further information, or contact our Recruitment Team on 0121 634 5630.

Application Process

Applying is easy; simply click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom left of this page and you will be taken through the process. You will be required to submit a copy of your full firearms training record (Chronicle or similar) for consideration as part of the shortlisting process. All applications must be completed online via this method, and applications which are not supported by a training record will not be considered.

This is the avenue for candidates applying from an ARV role within a Home Office force. Applicants applying from an AFO role or from Ministry of Defence Police should make their application through this link.

Due to applying from an equivalent armed role profile, candidates applying from an ARV role within a Home Office force will undergo an expedited offer and induction process. Further detail on this can be found within the attached candidate information pack.

Initial eligibility criteria

At the time of application, you must be able to confirm: 

  • Successful completion of two-year probationary period as a Student Officer 
  • Currently serving in an armed capacity, or have served in an armed capacity within the last 12 months 
  • Successful completion of Firearms Training to Armed Response (ARV) standard or higher 
  • Can provide certification to confirm licensing as an Authorised Firearms Officer 
  • Must not have any findings of guilt for complaints for poor performance or subject to any current investigations for misconduct 
  • Must not currently be subject to an unsatisfactory performance review or action plan 
  • All mandatory training is up to date
  • Served a minimum of 12 months in your current role if you have previously transferred from a force from which we do not accept transferees 

You will not be eligible to apply if you have an existing CCJ or IVA outstanding against you. Applicants who have been registered bankrupt will not be considered. Failure to disclose any of the above will lead to your application being rejected.

Applicants with a criminal record will be reviewed on a case by case basis, but may be rejected from the process dependent on the date and nature of the conviction. You are encouraged to email recruitmentteam@btp.pnn.police.uk if you have any queries on previous convictions.