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PC - Firearms Officer (Transferees and Rejoiners)

Specialist Operations, London
Police Constable (PC)
Full Time

British Transport Police (BTP) is the national police force for Britain’s rail network. Every day we ensure the safety and security of over six million passengers and railway staff throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

In response to the increased UK threat level from international terrorism, our central-London firearms teams are undergoing a significant increase in size and capability. This is your opportunity to join a modern and forward-thinking force in a highly-trained and specialist role as one of our Authorised Firearms Officers.

Our Authorised Firearms Officers provide the travelling public with a highly visible and reassuring presence across a number of key London stations, helping to achieve the force's objective to increase public confidence whilst also working to detect and deter terrorism on the UK rail network. Our firearms officers are trained to the same national Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) profile used across a number of forces, and are able to provide a swift and capable response to live incidents and emerging threats across London.

Candidates will be recruited against the ARV role profile, and will undertake an intensive firearms training course delivered by our team of dedicated firearms instructors. If successful, you will join a highly-specialised and professional team at the forefront of our counter-terrorism activity and will maintain the high-standards that we expect through regular shooting and tactics training.

The firearms training is highly intensive, and you must be prepared to meet the tough physical requirements of the role with an ability to run to level 9.4 on the Job-Related Fitness Test. You must also be prepared to undertake enhanced BTP vetting and medical checks to further determine your suitability for the role. 

Unfortunately, we will not accept applications from Civil Nuclear Constabulary Officers at this time. Ministry of Defence Firearms Officers are eligible and may therefore submit an application.

Please see the attached Candidate Information Pack for further information.

Initial Eligibility Criteria

At the time of application, candidates must be able to confirm:

  • Successful completion of 2-year probationary period as a Student Officer
  • Currently serving in an armed capacity, or have served in an armed capacity within the last 12 months
  • Successful completion of Firearms Training to AFO standard or higher
  • Can provide certification to confirm licensing as an Authorised Firearms Officer
  • Must not have any findings of guilt for complaints for poor performances, or subject to any current investigations for misconduct
  • Must not currently be subject to an unsatisfactory performance review or action plan
  • All mandatory training is up to date

You will not be eligible to transfer to BTP if you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands and penalty notices, other than select driving penalty notices. You will not be eligible to apply if you have an existing CCJ or IVA outstanding against you. Applicants who have been registered bankrupt will not be considered until three years after discharge. Failure to disclose any of the above will lead to your application being rejected.

How to Apply

Please submit an online application form and a copy of:

  • Your most recent completed performance review
  • Your Sickness record for the previous three years
  • A copy of your full firearms training record (Chronicle or similar)

It is imperative that these documents are submitted with your application. All applications will be subject to a paper sift in line with the required competencies and criteria for the role. Candidates successful at the paper-sift will be invited to assessments. 

For further information please contact our Recruitment Team on 0121 634 5630.

This opportunity is closed to applications.