Police Sergeant to Police Inspector Promotion 2019 (External Only)

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Police Inspector Promotion 2019 (external)

British Transport Police (BTP) is a national force that plays a critical role in safeguarding the railway network. With over six million passenger journeys and more than 300,000 tonnes of freight being moved from depots to docks every day, this is a unique, high pressured, and dynamic operational and commercial environment. The modern terrorist threat to the travelling public is our challenge. Policing with a difference, it requires the highest levels of leadership, judgement, risk assessment, problem solving, and relationship building.

British Transport Police is committed to embedding a culture of inclusion, ensuring all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and that our promotion and selection processes are applied ethically and fairly, and in line with the Police Code of Ethics. We are keen to recruit individuals with a wide range of skills and experiences and an understanding of ethical and cultural issues.

We are looking for inspirational individuals who are able to make a valuable contribution to policing. Innovative and creative, with proven leadership and management credentials, you will have the ability to excel as a Police Inspector in a challenging and interesting environment. Successful applicants will be expected to provide evidence of a proven track record of delivering and improving performance.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are welcomed from:

  • Police Sergeants from BTP and from other forces applying on promotion

 Candidates must submit the following documents in support of their applications:

  • Completed Competency Statement form;
  • Line Manager Recommendation form with both first and second line managers’ comments including assessment of potential for promotion;
  • Completed Professional Development Review forms for 2017/2018 showing a minimum of a satisfactory performance;
  • Sickness report;
  • Reference form; and
  • Posting Preference form

Officers seeking to apply must:

  • Be prepared to take any of the available vacancies, there will be no promotion pool.  
  • Discuss their intention to apply for promotion with their line manager.
  • Have served in the substantive rank of Sergeant for a minimum of 24 months.
  • No live written improvement notices under the Police (Performance) Regulations 2015 or reduction in rank under Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures (UPP) in the previous 18 months;
  • No live written warning, final written warning or extended final written warning issued under the BTP Police (Conduct) Regs 2015 (or Home Office equivalent) (Note – a finding of misconduct but where no separate penalty is applied does not debar an officer from participating).
  • Not currently be under investigation
  • Hold a valid pass for the NPPF Step Two Inspectors Legal Knowledge Examination (Previously known as Objective Structured Performance Related Exam      (OSPRE®) Part I) or have successfully completed the Diploma in Police      Service Leadership & Management.
  • Have attained at minimum an overall ‘Good’ performance and ‘Medium’ potential rating on their most recent Performance Development Review (PDR) for 2017/2018.
  • External candidates must have a completed PDR form for their most recent performance year, showing a minimum of a satisfactory performance or equivalent.
  • Be able to demonstrate the competencies required of a Police Inspector;
  • Have their first and second line managers’ recommendation;
  • Have completed all mandatory training. Please note: officers whose mandatory training is out of date will be able to participate in the promotions process. However, if successful, promotion will not be confirmed until this training is complete and they are able to return to full duty.

Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed, and there will be no extensions granted for late applications. There is no right of appeal for candidates who fail to submit the correct documents by the closing date. This is non-negotiable.

You will not be eligible to join/transfer to BTP if you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands and penalty notices (other than driving penalty notices). You will not be eligible to apply if you have an existing CCJ or IVA outstanding against you. Applicants who have been registered bankrupt will not be considered. Failure to disclose any of the above will lead to your application being rejected.

The Selection Process

The key steps in the selection process involve:  

  1. Completion of an application form via e-recruitment and submission of relevant supporting documents;
  2. Assessment against the College of Policing Competency and Values Framework via a competency based interview and presentation. Candidates will be provided with a presentation brief to prepare, in relation to the role of Inspector within BTP; and
  3. A fitness test.

The Selection panel will comprise three members, including a Chair of at least Superintendent rank; details to be confirmed. Panels will be held between 28th January and 8th February 2019, at various venues across the organisation. Full details will be provided should you be invited to interview.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form by selecting the “apply” button. In addition please submit a copy of your most recently completed PDR form, sickness record and a completed Line Manager Recommendation form. Applicants will not be considered if they have not submitted these documents. Please be advised that we do not accept CVs.

You can download the Line Manager Recommendation form from the advert and send to your line manager to complete. The Recommendation form can then be uploaded via e-recruitment when completing your application form.

The closing date for applications is: Friday 18th January 2019 at 12 noon.

Posts Available

The following Posts are available and will carry a minimum tenure of 12 months. Please note: These vacancies are subject to change according to operational requirements and there is no guarantee that if successful you will recieve your preference.

  • A103680, Inspector BDO, Specialist Operations, Northern Hub – Manchester
  • A102846, Inspector, Specialist Response Unit, Specialist Operations, Blundell Street, London
  • Inspector (new in establishment 18/19), FCRB, Birmingham
  • BAHLECIN01, Inspector , Station Commander, Central East, Liverpool Street     
  • BAECSGIN01, Inspector, Station Commander, North East, Stevenage     
  • BAETENIN01, Inspector, Inspector NPT, TFL NPT Stratford         
  • BAHWSEIN05, Inspector, Duty, Officer South, South West, London Bridge          
  • B105755, Inspector, Inspector Disruption, Disruption, Kings Cross 
  • BASHTNIN01, Inspector, Station Commander, Ashford, South East
  • B104972, Inspector, TfL Stakeholder Support, TfL Stakeholder Support, CLPS    
  • BAEIIGIN01, Inspector, Station Commander, Central East, Ilford  
  • BAEFN4IN05, Inspector, Duty Officer, North, North West, Finsbury Park 
  • B105739, Inspector, Embedded Inspector (South Eastern Route), Disruption, London Bridge       
  • B105738, Inspector, Embedded Inspector, Disruption, Kings Cross
  • CAWCCFIN01, Detective Inspector, DI Cardiff, Cardiff                  
  • C101363, Inspector, Ops Inspector, Cardiff             
  • C101361, Inspector, Ops Inspector, Manchester                 
  • C101360, Inspector, Ops Inspector, Leeds               
  • CAMBB2IN01, Inspector, Birmingham New Street
  • C101999, Duty Officer Midland     
  • C101988, Duty Officer Pennine                       
  • CAMWWVIN01, Inspector, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Rugby
  • CAMMMKIN01, Inspector, Milton Keynes          
  • DA0034, Inspector, Glasgow DO  

Further Information

Should you have any queries please contact Promotion-and-Assessment@btp.pnn.police.uk

Supporting documents:

  • Competency and Values Framework
  • British Transport Police Performance Framework

This opportunity is closed to applications.