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Student Officer - London 2015

B Division
Police Constable (PC)
Full Time
Up to £28,860 + Benefits

Joining British Transport Police (BTP) as a police officer, you’ll take on a crucial frontline role in one of the most challenging and demanding environments. Our officers respond to and support a multitude of activities across Britain’s railways, and it is our priority to make our customers, stakeholders and communities feel safe and secure.

We are seeking talented, motivated and enthusiastic applicants who are capable of working in challenging policing scenarios to support London’s Underground’s ‘Night Tube’ operations, starting from September 2015.

We will play a vital role in supporting Night Tube and London's vibrant night time economy. We’ll also help uphold London's status as a vibrant, exciting and safe place to live, work and visit with high visibility of our police officers when trains are running.

We need to ensure that we have exceptional police officers ready to support these demands. This will be an exciting opportunity as a police officer to engage in a varied and diverse policing role across London. There will be unique policing scenarios with demands unlike any other, and our officers are trained to the highest standards in order to meet these requirements. Working for us, though, you’ll be joining some of the best people in their field and will work with like-minded, talented people who share your passion for a job very well done.

Applicants can expect this to be a difficult and demanding job, both physically and mentally, and the hours can be highly unsocial. However, there are few careers that are as interesting, exciting and fulfilling as working as a BTP officer.

Sound interesting? Join us on the journey and bring your creativity, commitment and commerciality on board and help us make a difference.

We particularly welcome individuals seeking part time or flexible opportunities to support us on the Night Tube requirements.

You are not eligible to apply to this vacancy if you have been unsuccessful in a Student Officer campaign in the last 6 months.

If you apply to this vacancy you will be only be considered for Central London postings and there will not be the option to submit an application with the intention of waiting for other postings to arise. 


This opportunity is closed to applications.